The Cardiovascular Journal of Africa (CVJA) is an international peer-reviewed journal that keeps cardiologists up to date with advances in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease.

Topics covered include coronary disease, electrophysiology, valve disease, imaging techniques, congenital heart disease (fetal, paediatric & adult), heart failure, surgery, & basic science. CVJA is the official journal of the PASCAR and has been published since 1990.
Cardiovascular Journal of Africa: Volume 25, Issue 3, May / June 2014

• Topical rifamycin in diabetics undergoing CABG
• Carbon monoxide poisoning and cardiac repolarisation
• Platelet volume and myocardial perfusion defect in diabetics
• Cardiac preconditioning in isolated perfused hearts
• Quality of life in patients with atherosclerosis obliterans or Buerger’s disease
• Simultaneous CABG and carotid endarterectomy
• Understanding the rise in CVD in Africa
• Novel risk markers in women with ischaemic heart disease
• Emergency endovascular repair of ruptured mycotic aneurysm

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cardiovascular disease
Cardiovascular Journal of Africa: Volume 25, Issue 2, March / April 2014

• Comparison of left ventricular ejection fractions
• Infective endocarditis and HIV
• Neonatal arrhythmias
• Behcet’s disease and cardiovascular involvement
• Topical hypothermia in CABG surgery
• Intra-uterine growth restriction and hypertension
• Impact of prehypertension in adult black Nigerians
• Optimal utilisation of sulphonylureas
• Perforation during radiofrequency catheter ablation

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New Editor-in-Chief for CVJA

The CVJA has a new editor-in-chief, Prof Patrick Commerford. He succeeds Prof AJ Brink, a founder of this journal and editor-in-chief until his death in October 2012.

Prof Commerford will be responsible for overseeing the processing of articles through the editorial system, sourcing original articles where necessary, writing editorials, and maintaining the high standard of the journal. CVJA is now in its 25th year, a quarter of a century old, and this event is soon to be celebrated.

Prof Commerford is a well-respected clinician, educator, scientist, and an organiser and administrator. He has served on national medical and scientific bodies, and heading some. He has extensive experience in medical scientific writing and reviewing, and also, to the benefit of the journal, experience as an editor.

Prof Commerford has served on the editorial boards of a number of journals, including this journal. He recently retired as professor and head of the cardiology unit at Groote Schuur Hospital, where he occupied the Helen and Morris Mauerberger chair.

Prof Paul Brink will remain intimately involved in the business side of the Journal, maintaining it as a stable and respected venture.
cardiovascular disease
Sodium glucose co-transporters (SGLT's): in health and disease

Sodium glucose co-transporters (SGLT's): in health and disease Sodium glucose co-transporters (SGLT's) are membrane bound protein transporters that facilitate transport of sodium and glucose across plasma membranes. There are many subtypes of these co-transporters that are found in various parts of the human body, including the kidney and the gastro-intestinal tract (Neumiller et al., 2010).

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cardiovascular disease
15th Annual SA Heart Congress

SA Heart Congress 2014 will be held in Durban, from 16 - 19 October, with the central theme being 'Bridging the Divide'. This is the divide that exists between current best practice - and the challenges encountered in implementing these ideals. All medical and allied professionals with an interest in cardiac health are warmly invited by the organising committee to attend.

Congress Information available at www.saheartcongress2014.co.za »
cardiovascular disease
Drug Trends in Cardiology: Cryoballoon ablation for atrial fibrillation is now possible in
South Africa

Dr Razeen Gopal, head of the Mediclinic Panorama electrophysiology laboratory, recently discussed various successful procedures performed in their cardiac unit over the past three years that have radically changed the lifestyle of patients with serious cardiac conditions.

‘Over 1 000 people, including children, have benefitted from the advances in complex ablation procedures as the unit has become established as a centre of excellence, keeping pace with what is happening in the rest of the world’, he said.

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The Cardiovascular Journal of Africa has launched an Online First Advance Online Publication (ePublication ahead of print) with full text availability via Pubmed and this website which is accessible via Google and other search engines.

This facility is also known internationally as e-publication, ahead of print and offers authors the opportunity to publish their research articles sooner for an international audience. Read More »
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