The Cardiovascular Journal of Africa (CVJA) is an international peer-reviewed journal that keeps cardiologists up to date with advances in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease.

Topics covered include coronary disease, electrophysiology, valve disease, imaging techniques, congenital heart disease (fetal, paediatric & adult), heart failure, surgery, & basic science. CVJA is the official journal of the PASCAR and has been published since 1990.
Cardiovascular Journal of Africa: Volume 25, Issue 1, January / February 2014

• Multiple thrombophilic gene profiles in coronary slow flow
• Atrial electromechanical coupling intervals in pregnancy
• Real-world cost-effectiveness of TAVI
• Metabolic syndrome and optimal cut-off values in Angola
• Echocardiography of LV filling pressures with mitral valve stenosis
• Chronic dissecting aneurysm of the ascending aorta
• PCI in a centenarian patient with acute MI

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cardiovascular disease
Cardiovascular Journal of Africa: Volume 24, Issue 9/10, October/November 2013 (Combined)

• Prevalence and risk factors for hypertension in Nigeria
• Coronary anomalies on routine coronary CT scans
• Endothelial NOS levels and exercise in slow coronary flow
• Vitamin E and antioxidant activity in slow coronary flow
• Basilic vein transposition in haemodialysis patients
• Determinants of obesity in black South African women
• ADVANCE cardiovascular risk model in people with diabetes
• Left ventricular rupture after double valve replacement

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Industry News: AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals enables scientific innovation

Critically aware of the need for funding that will develop research capacity and contribute to academic advancement in South Africa, ethical pharmaceutical company, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, has set up a not-for-profit trust for the disbursement of medical research funding. The company will award R1.5 million a year for three years for academic research; high-level, non-interventional studies including doctoral and postdoctoral work that will generate significant data currently not available.

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cardiovascular disease
Review Article: Socio-cultural, environmental and behavioural determinants of obesity in black South African women

South Africa (SA) is undergoing a rapid epidemiological transition and has the highest prevalence of obesity in sub- Saharan Africa (SSA), with black women being the most affected (obesity prevalence 31.8%). Although genetic factors are important, socio-cultural, environmental and behavioural factors, as well as the influence of socio-economic status, more likely explain the high prevalence of obesity in black SA women.

This review examines these determinants in black SA women, and compares them to their white counterparts, black SA men, and where appropriate, to women from SSA. Specifically this review focuses on environmental factors influencing obesity, the influence of urbanisation, as well as the interaction with socio-cultural and socio-economic factors. In addition, the role of maternal and early life factors and cultural aspects relating to body image are discussed. This information can be used to guide public health interventions aimed at reducing obesity in black SA women.

Read full article free online: dx.doi.org/10.5830/CVJA-2013-069
cardiovascular disease
The ADVA NCE cardiovascular risk model and current strategies for cardiovascular disease risk evaluation in people with diabetes

Purpose: To critically examine existing approaches to cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk evaluation in people with diabetes, and discuss the use of accurate and validated absolute CVD risk tools as an appropriate basis for CVD prevention in people with diabetes.

Read full article free online: dx.doi.org/10.5830/CVJA-2013-078
cardiovascular disease
Industry News: ASSAf recognises top South African scientists

The Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf) recognised top South African scientists at its prestigious annual awards ceremony in Pretoria on 23 October 2013.

ASSAf annually awards up to two ASSAf Science-for-Society gold medals for outstanding achievement in scientific thinking to the benefit of society. This year, Prof Olive Shisana was recognised for her contributions in the campaign to understand and contain HIV/AIDS in South Africa.

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This facility is also known internationally as e-publication, ahead of print and offers authors the opportunity to publish their research articles sooner for an international audience. Read More »
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